Membership, Training & Qualification Fees

Membership to JKS Japan is annual and applies to all students 8th Kyu and above.

This membership to JKS Japan provides the student with a ‘Passport Book’ which records your Karate lifelong progress and is required to be able to attend JKS national / international events, compete in JKS World Cup’s and is a record of events, grading and qualification tests achievements.

Training fees are set by each JKS dojo and entitles you to attend each class applicable your level or by invitation.

As each dojo set their own fee structure, so there may be variances, however, as an active paid training member in one dojo allows any student to train at other JKS NZ dojo’s for short periods free of charge. This is great news if you are travelling and want to keep your training program uninterrupted.

Another point to note is that although fees are based on a school term, the dojo in most cases continue with classes in the holiday period to allow for continuous training for your benefit.

Grading fee and qualification test fees are set by JKS NZ and provide for the opportunity to confirm your progress and levels. Such test are conducted by a qualified Examination panel to ensure consistency and independent examination.

Membership to JKS FeeTraining FeeGrading / Qualification Fee
Individual – $ 50.00
Individual – $ 165
Family of 2 – $ 300
Family of 3 – $360
Family of 4 – $385
10th Kyu – 4th Kyu – $ 35.00
3rd Kyu – 1st Kyu – $ 50.00
Dan / Qualification – $ 75.00
AnnuallyPer School TermFee is per test and as required

Membership fee due in Term one or as requested

Training fees are due by start of each term.Grade fee on day
Other specialized training opportunities are not covered by the above and may incur additional charges.

Failure to honour the required fee’s may result in cancellation of your membership and your ability to train at the dojo. However that said, if there is any difficulty in this regard, please immediately speak to the dojo head or student representative for assistance. Our goal is to provide you the opportunity to train and are here to help.
Osu Trevor Sensei.
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